Michael Laitman’s New eBook “What Does It Mean to Be Jewish Today?”

Available now is a collection of online essays written by Michael Laitman, “What Does It Mean to Be Jewish Today: Selected Media Essays.

This free eBook is a compliation of articles written for the Jerusalem Post, the Times of Israel, the Jewish Journal, and other venues providing context to the history and forces behind anti-Semitism; and offering the people of Israel a path forward to a lasting peace.

The situation today is critical, but it’s not hopeless.

Most importantly, the way forward begins with each of us.   The path to peace – a life free of hatred, rejection and fear – can begin today with a gathering of friends and family around a dining room table.

You’re encouraged to read this eBook, share it with friends, watch the archive of the 10-week course of the same title “What Does It Mean to Be Jewish Today“, send questions to Michael Laitman directly, or leave a comment below.

Together we can make a difference!



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  1. Thank you for what is a brilliant course, as a man who has been searching for answers for 35 years and discovered the creater 30 years ago, this course has opened my eyes to creater in a way no other studies have. I have and will continue to help people to discover this course.

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